On Hurrication 2016: The Aftermath

On Sunday afternoon, we went over to my cousin Lori’s house to celebrate me and Ashley’s birthdays. As we sat down to eat, the subject of my classes being cancelled came up. I said something to the effect of I was disappointed that class continued to be cancelled. My cousin, Andrew, asked in his deepening by the day voice “Wait, so why is school being cancelled not a good thing?” Because at 13, school being cancelled is basically the equivalent to a blessing from God. I responded simply without really giving it much thought by saying “Because the city where my college is at got destroyed.” But that got me thinking… Why am I sad that school is cancelled? Just months ago I would have been ecstatic to get one day of school cancelled, even more so if I got three or four days. Well, “school” is so much more than just classes now. “School” is now eating crappy dining hall food but thinking it’s okay because you’re laughing about inside jokes with some of the best people you’ve ever met while doing it. “School” is now being in the room with and right down the hall from some of your closest friends. “School” is now interesting classes that actually challenge you and make you think. “School” is now learning to live life without your parents holding your hands every step of the way (well, at least with a lessened grip). “School” is now meeting people from all over the world that have all come to the same place to gain knowledge about multiple different subjects. “School” is now crying during the middle of the day from stress and then realizing later that the amount of work you have to do really isn’t that bad. “School” is now going out at 9 pm to take pictures of your friend who willingly dressed up as a ghost and asking your neighbors/friends if they will come along to hold the lights. “School” is now choosing to wake up early on a Saturday to get your work done so you can go to the beach later in the day. “School” is now thinking you won’t make it another day without dying from stress but then somehow miraculously continuing to wake up every single day without fail. “School” is now finding your passions and being asked by professors to question everything you know. “School” is no longer just monotonous classes. “School” is now a beautiful, interesting, weird city and all that comes with it. “School” is now something I love… Even when I have homework.


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